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About Daniel Mollenkamp

  • Award-winning enterprise reporter with experience on the ground in Africa, Europe and the United States. 

  • Daniel currently specializes in inequality and education coverage.

  • Previously, he's covered foreign policy, politics and health policy. 

  • As a researcher, he has compiled global regulation trackers utilized by regulators in Europe and the U.S. for industries, including the vaping, cannabis and gene editing technology sectors.

  • He has spoken by invitation at Stanford University and the College of William and Mary.

  • He holds a BA in government from the College of William and Mary.



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"stringer: part-time or freelance journalist, esp. for risky assignments" Go behind the tabloid opinion and partisan flak with award-winning reporter Daniel Mollenkamp. This newsletter distills the news and analyzes the forces shaping the world today.


Daniel Mollenkamp

Journalist/Researcher. Board member for Abukloi Foundation.