Aug 11, 2020Liked by Daniel Mollenkamp

The international perspective here is great. And love the guest spot.

Sure you saw this, but I appreciate Scott Galloway's take on US higher ed and the long term impacts of what happens in the next year re enrollments, online classes, etc. (He's written a lot about it, but just one example here: https://www.profgalloway.com/uss-university)

Seems Galloway agrees with Burkett on quite a lot re embracing technology and preserving value and tradition - his central claim is that survivability of a university is a function of both the value it creates, itself a function of alumni earnings ("value") and college experience ("tradition"), and current financial well-being, a function of endowment per student and reliance on full-price-paying international students (potentially where technology can help supplement revenue for second and third tier universities).

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