Is trauma-informed journalism the next step for the journalism industry? Also, tips for dealing with trauma from a professor and a psychologist.
Guess who's back?
A recap of news from the US and around the world
Also: "More money, same old problems," and "Love's ugly sibling"
Roundup: Newsom wins recall, 'War Crimes' in Tigray?, Justice Barrett says she's not political, AUKUS, Vaccine Mandates, Public utilities and climate…
Purdue Pharma & Sacklers declare bankruptcy and then laugh all the way to the bank, South Korea has something to say about Apple's unfair practices...
Suicide bombs in Kabul. Racial segregation in the U.S. American infrastructure bill.
CCP clings to power with its cold, red hands. U.S. Supreme Court balks at child-slavery liability for chocolate giants. Afghan security forces flee the…
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The Stringer by Daniel Mollenkamp